Food & Drink Spills Tips

Do it yourself tips on food & drink spills.


  • White terrycloth towels
  • Small bowls & sponge
  • Club soda
  • White vinegar & cool water (50/50)
  • Soft brush (not too stiff)
  • Hair dryer
  • How To Clean Up Spills

    1. Spoon up solids, or vacuum up dry pieces.

    2. If stain remains, use sponge to dampen the spill area with club soda.

    3. Blot area with cotton towel.

    4. Blot area until spill stops transferring to the towel.

    5. Place a folded towel under and over the spill area to sandwich the area.

    6. Stand on the sandwich to help excess moisture to wick out.

    7. Use a hair dryer (on cool setting) to dry and groom the nap with the brush.

    8. Prop area for several hours so that the inside fibers dry completely.

    NEVER DOs:

    If you are cleaning an area or oriental rug (wool/silk/cotton), never use the following products:

    - Folex
    - Resolve
    - Oxyclean
    - Simple Green
    - Woolite
    - Salt
    - Baking Soda
    - Bleach